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Prayer List

April 28, 2024

JOYS: Jeanne Van Buskirk’s cancer surgery Thursday went well and she may be released from Blanchard Valley Hospital on Sunday (26th) and Jon Park’s knee replacement at Cleveland Clinic went well Wednesday.

CONCERNS: The families of the two American missionaries and the director of Missions in Haiti, Inc. who were martyred Thursday; Tim Heiserman will be consulting with the surgeon this week about a possible right hip replacement; Jim Bell has entered into palliative care due to his cancer not responding as hoped to the chemotherapy treatments; Margaret Cumbow is seeking medical attention for her knee.

PRAYER LIST: Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach, Tina Imbrock, Delores Kinn, Jean Mertes, Sandy Lehner, Brody Daniel, Laverne Ruth, Rev. Bill McDaniel, Jacqueline Freeman, Sue Brickner, Michelle Steinmetz, Carol Reisner, Pat Scherger, Helen Emerine’s friend Lori, Ron Pollard, Joe Stacy, Nikki Vitt, Richard Dundore, Terry Vitt, Brian Coppus, Courtney Kourtney, Raymond Vogel, Ann Zimmerman, and Rochel Swartz.

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