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Author: Dean Durant

Message & Devotion Videos

Please go to either our Facebook page (Bascom Community Church) or YouTube channel (DeanDurant5660 – hyperlink ) to view our Sunday messages or Monday through Friday devotions. God Bless!!

Prayer List – updated June 23rd

JOYS: Cheryl McDaniels successfully underwent an outpatient procedure on Wednesday and we were able to share some of our VBS decorations with Wesley UMC in Fostoria this past week.

CONCERNS: Raymond Vogel’s (Ruth Ann Beidelschies’ brother) pancreatic cancer has not responded to treatment, Pastor Dean’s sister Carol Macenko has been diagnosed with advanced arthritis in her back, neck, and right knee which is impacting her ability to walk, Dorothy Finney’s daughter Brenda is currently hospitalized and a permanent feeding tube has been inserted because of swallowing issues, Raymond Vogel’s (Ruth Beidelschies’ brother) pancreatic cancer has not responded to treatment and Hospice is being considered, Lee Arnold suffered a stroke Friday, and Carol Fruth was found unresponsive in her car Thursday and currently is in the ICU at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

PRAYER LIST: Leticia Caudill, Carri Breidenbach, Tina Imbrock, Delores Kinn, Jean Mertes, Sandy Lehner, Laverne Ruth, Rev. Bill McDaniel, Jacqueline Freeman, Sue Brickner, Michelle Steinmetz, Carol Reisner, Pat Scherger, Helen Emerine’s friend Lori, Ron Pollard, Joe Stacy, Nikki Vitt, Richard Dundore, Terry Vitt, Brian Coppus, Courtney Kourtney, Margaret Cumbow, Mike & Judy Prosser, Jim Bell, and Rochel Swartz.

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